Moving to a new city — USA

2 min readMay 19, 2022


I recently moved to a new city for work, to Chicago, from Philadelphia.

Moving to a new city is daunting and requires some planning if you don’t have acquaintances in the city you’re moving to.

There are two important things in this transition, Packing + Shipping followed by Setting up you new place with a proper checklist.

Packing Luggage:

  • I had like lot of stuff since I lived in the old place like for close to 3 years.
  • I had to dispose my mattress, as I couldn’t carry and it’s not easy to sell unless it’s in a great condition.
  • I used facebook market place to sell stuff like Office Desk, Chair and Monitor.
  • I had couple of cooking utensils which I wanted to take to new place, so I used USPS boxes (free) and shipped utensils, pen holders and other miscellaneous stuff.
  • I used another great service to ship my luggage called Lugless to ship one of my luggage, since I didn’t want to have my handsfull at the Airport.


  • If you’re moving to a new place, start looking for affordable apartments, I was able to find one on Zillow, I got the virtual tour, but lot of my friends suggested me to visit the property atleast once in person before committing to a lease.
  • I made following checklist for my new place, it’s quite a long list, consider this list if your apartment is unfurnished like mine, these are the items in the decreasing order of priority.
| List |
| Bathroom Tissues + Kitchen Rolls (Bounty) |
| Mattress with Pillows |
| Door/Floor Mats |
| Water Filter |
| Bathroom Plunger/ Cleaner |
| Broom with Dustpan |
| Office Desk - Table |
| Laundry Pods |
| Cooking Utensils |

Places to See:

  • Cloud Gate (Bean)
  • Lakefront Trail — Lake Michigan
  • SkyDeck
  • If you’re an Office fan, there is “The Office Experience”
  • Architecture Tour (Preferrably in Summer)

Consider having an Electricity and Internet connection prior to your move in day.